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A Historic Moment for Affordable Housing in Virginia: Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity announces the first Community Land Trust Development in the Commonwealth

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A Historic Moment for Affordable Housing in Virginia:

Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity announces the first Community Land Trust Development in the Commonwealth

On November 17th, Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity (RMHFH) announced the launch of Virginia’s first operational Community Land Trust development; a landmark moment in the history of affordable housing in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The RMHFH Community Land Trust (CLT) task force made the historic announcement at a press conference hosted by RMHFH’s Board of Directors and Williams Mullen Law Firm, in the presence of community leaders, elected officials, and local business leaders.

The CLT Task Force Members:

Chairman Dr. John Moeser, PhD – Senior Fellow, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, University of Richmond and Member RMHFH Board of Directors

John Accordino, PhD – Former Department Chair, Virginia Commonwealth University, Masters Department for Urban and Regional Planning

John Easter – Attorney and Land Use Specialist, Williams Mullen Law Firm

Rachel Flynn – Director of Community Development, City of Richmond

Laura Lafayette – CEO, Richmond Association of REALTORS® and Chairman-Elect RMHFH Board of Directors

Leisha LaRiviere – President & CEO, Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity

Robin Miller – Principal, Miller & Associates (builder/developer, private sector)

The announcement raised awareness to the November 5th RMHFH Board of Directors vote, which designated funds and land to the Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity Community Land Trust in development. The RMHFH CLT is located on Springs Road in the City of Richmond, and will be developed as a “mixed income” community. The development will include 19 parcels in a subdivision on land donated graciously by Randy and Meade Welch of Glendale Homes. This development is the first CLT in operation within the Commonwealth and is registered with the National Community Land Trust Network. (

Leisha LaRiviere - President and CEO - Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for HumanityThe development of the Community Land Trust is an integral part of Richmond Habitat’s strategic plan. The vision for the CLT began with the realization that the rise in cost of land acquisition and the critical need for new and affordable workforce housing to revitalize neighborhoods was not being fully addressed by the current RMHFH model. This realization led the RMHFH Board of Directors to adopt a revised strategic plan on July 16, 2008. The result has been a strategic shift in operations to build higher density neighborhood developments; offer new product designs in its construction portfolio; implement sustainable, green building methods; and expand its program to include the rehabilitation of existing homes in areas targeted for revitalization by each jurisdiction.

The revised plSpring Road CLT Plat Planan also included RMHFH’s commitment to create a new fully operational development based on the CLT model by 2012. The intent was not only to create a fully functional CLT model, but to also share our knowledge with communities and other organizations across the nation. To follow through with that intent, Richmond Habitat For Humanity is posting our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and other development process documents free-of-charge to interested parties via a password protected download on our website immediately.

The new operational Community Land Trust at Springs Road is the catalyst we hope will revolutionize affordable housing in the region. Of special consideration is that the RMHFH effort adds momentum to the CLT movement that Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust in Charlottesville pioneered. The “TJ CLT” is moving forward with a recent matching funds grant, in the hopes to garner the land and resources necessary to create a CLT development in Charlottesville. To support the Charlottesville initiative, please call 434-242-3306.

At RMHFH, we believe that shared capacity is shared success. So, if you are interested in learning more about the CLT, or would like to start up a CLT in your own community, please download the documents or call 804.232.7001 if you have any further questions.

CLT Files:
Artices of Incorporation

John Moeser Biography

The Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation for the new RMHFH CLT were created through the collective efforts of the CLT task force and Williams Mullen attorneys John Easter, land use specialist, and G. Andrew Nea, Jr., RMHFH’s Pro Bono Counsel.

Read our story in the Richmond Times Dispatch
Read the Richmond TImes Dispatch Editorial Comments

Click here to see more photos of our CLT Press Conference.


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